Successful Intensive Drone Pilot Course

CTU Drone Academy has organized an intensive half-day of drones piloting on Wednesday 26 September 2018. All 15 participants from the CTU students have learned basic movements in the control of drones. The acquired skills has been showed during  the final competition, where the forces has been measured in the flying through the obstacle course and in the exact landing. The winner of the competition was Daniel Smrčka, a student of Cybernetics and Robotics. The first three most deft pilots received gift vouchers to buy modeling needs at Pecka modelář Ltd.

Kid´s drone pilots training

On Monday, July 9, 2018, our Indoor Flight Arena was full of kid´s laugh. CTU Drone Academy welcomed 24 participants of the Children's University at the age of 12-15 who were acquainted with specialized departments of CTU during the second week of July.

The Drone Academy children program was prepared in cooperation with  Zdeněk Svatý from the Faculty of Transport CTU and Jan Roháč from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU - Department of Measurement, Aerospace Engineering study program.

We started with a lecture on drones, their technical parameters, the possibilities of their use and misuse. Then the children practiced piloting the drones - the basic control of the drones, flying near/high the ground, flying between obstacles. Standard and miniature drones, flight simulator and FPV steering glasses were available. In parallel there was a lecture on the sensors used to control unmanned vehicles in the Aircraft Laboratory. Children were keenly interested in using of the GNSS and the sensors in unmanned vehicles flying and devised the unconventional use of drones in various situations.

CTU Drone Academy is open now!


If you are interested in drones and related technologies, now you have chance to do something with it in the CTU Drone Academy.

You can learn how to fly drones, how to build them up, and use them for a broad spectrum of applications.


Mr. Brož is a winner of ABB University Award 2016


Mr. Pavel Brož won the ABB University Award (1st rank) with his Master degree thesis titled "Navigation System for Unmanned Vehicles and Ultra-light Aircraft". A supervisor of the thesis was Assoc. Prof. Jan Roháč, Ph.D. - Department of Measurement, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague.