Groups - aerospace related research at FEE, CTU

NavLIS - Navigation group of the Laboratory of Aircraft Instrumentation Systems

Students do fly!

Research fields:

  • Design and development of indoor and outdoor navigation systems (applicability in fields of unmanned aerial and terrestrial vehicles as well as on board light aircraft).
  • Design and development of pressure based measurement systems.
  • Calibration of inertial sensors and measuring units. Design and development of calibration devices.
  • Estimation techniques of attitude and 3D position based on fusing data from available measuring systems (applicability is oriented at unmanned aerial and terrestrial vehicles, robots, hand-held devices etc.).
  • Design and development of water rocket with respect to high-dynamic navigation system.
  • Design and development of modular avionic systems (pressure based measurement systems, engine monitoring systems etc.).

Laboratory equipped with: several fixed and rotary wing UAVs, pressure system with PACE6000, temperature chamber, vibration table + electronic instrumentation for basic electric quantities measurements.


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CAST - Center for Advanced Simulation and Technology


Research fields:

  • Design and development of situation awareness systems using new sensors, electronics, visual and mechanical interfaces and human interaction.
  • Design and development of a small satellite platform.

Laboratory equipped with a flight simulator.

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Aircraft dynamics and flight controls lab


Research fields:

  • Design of control laws for advanced aerospace projects.
  • Flight control systems (FCS) for UAVs and maned aircraft.
  • Validation and verification of FCS control laws.
  • Design and development of gyroscopically stabilized platforms.
  • Active damping solutions for aerospace projects.
Students UAV lab. Winged aircraft platforms, FCS units, CACSD tools for control design and validation.

Radio navigation group


Research fields:

  • Terrestrial, aeronautical and space radio navigation systems, satellite navigation systems
  • Aeronautical and space communication
  • Software radio, FPGA
  • Radio receivers and transmitters
  • Radar systems 
  • Radio astronomy and radio observation of meteors, cosmic reis observation, radio observation of earth satellite
Laboratory with satellite signals generators. Reference station with Leica 1200+ receivers for generating corrections for RTK position determination.

AI Center - Air Traffic Modeling and Simulation Group

AI Center

Research fields:

  • Air traffic modeling and simulation, air traffic controller modeling.
  • Unmanned systems – trajectory planning, collision avoidance, distributed task allocation, tactical mission planning.
  • Critical infrastructure protection using UAVs, area coverage, patrolling.

Laboratory equipped with fixed wing and rotary UAVs, LiDAR, onboard computers and modems.

For more info about this research group please see the group web pages.
AI Center

Space science and technology in Multimedia technology group


Research fields:

  • Imaging systems and image processing in astronomy and space research.
  • Design, simulations and development of space X-ray instrumentation with emphasis of X-ray telescopes and monitors and X-ray optics and detectors. X-ray imaging and wide-field X-ray imaging.
  • Participation in large consortia of European ESA space satellite projects in high energy astronomy, namely THESEUS, LOFT and ATHENA, mostly in the field of X-ray and gamma ray instrumentation.
  • Development and operation of ground based support for space projects with emphasis on robotic telescopes and rapid optical follow up systems.
  • Data analyses, digital image analyses.

Facilities: Optical laboratory