Persons responsible for key programme courses

J. Roháč Assoc. prof. Jan ROHÁČ, Ph.D. received his Master degree (Ing. = MSc. equivalent) in 2000 and PhD. degree in 2005 from Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE), Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), Czech Republic. In 02/2015 he became an associate professor at FEE, CTU. He teaches courses concerning avionics and navigation systems and is responsible for the master degree study branch “Aircraft and space systems” and is a director of the master study program “Aerospace Engineering”. His main research interests are avionics, inertial navigation systems, GNSS, sensors and their modeling, and data processing methods. Dr. Roháč is a Presidium member of the Czech Aerospace Society and a representative of the CTU in the PEGASUS Network. He is a coordinator of activities carried on within the NavLIS group aimed at research and development of navigation systems and their measuring units. The activities include both HW and SW design plus system modeling and integration, algorithms for data processing and fusion, and analog signal processing.


R. Hudec Assoc. prof. RNDr. René HUDEC, Ph.D.
PRESENT POSITION: Senior  Scientist, Astronomical Institute, Ondrejov, Head of High Energy Astrophysics Group. Associated Professor for Applied Physics, Czech Technical University, Prague. RESEARCH AREA: High  energy  astrophysics. Designer of space experiments in this area with emphasis on X-ray optics. Development of novel technologies for space X-ray telescopes. RECENT PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: Co-I  and Cons member ESA INTEGRAL OMC and ISDC .Co-I and consortium member, LOFT THESEUS - proposals for ESA Cosmic Vision M4.Member of ATHENA Telescope Working Group. ESA Gaia, Member of CU7 Coordination Unit. Cons member ESA SMILE. Organizer of AXRO International Astronomical X Ray Optics Workshops in Prague organized every year since 2008 ( EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Supervisor of  14 Diploma Thesis and 6 PhD Dissertations. PUBLICATIONS: Author and co-author of 723 scientific publications (including 229 papers in refereed journals) listed in the NASA ADS system.


P. Kovář Assoc. prof. Dr. Pavel KOVÁŘ was born in Uherske Hradiste in 1970. He received his MSc and PhD degree at the CTU in Prague in 1994 and 1998. Since 1997 to 2000 he worked in Mesit Instruments as a designer of avionics instruments. Since 2000 he is with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the CTU in Prague as an Assistant Professor and since 2007 as an Associate Proffesor (Doc.). He is the head of Radio Navigation group. His interests are software radio, receiver architectures, satellite navigation, aeronautical and aerospace communication and navigation, signal processing and FPGA programming. He teaches subjects concerning architecture of the radio transmitters and receivers, radio navigation systems, aeronautical and space communication and navigation and air traffic control. P. Kovar is a member of Institute of Navigation ION. His hobbies are hiking, radio controlled models and small satellites.


M. Šipoš Dr. Martin ŠIPOŠ is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Measurement, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE), Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), Czech Republic since 06/2015. He received the Master degree in 2008 at the Department of Measurement, FEE, CTU in Prague. His diploma thesis was focused on data processing, calibration of sensors and data fusion using Kalman filtering. He continued in this area during his studies, and he received PhD. degree in 2015. Currently, he teaches courses regarding avionics, electronics, robotics, distributed systems and computer networks and he works at the Department of Measurement as a researcher as a member of Navigation group of the Laboratory of Aircraft Instrumentation Systems (NavLIS). His research deals with the calibration of inertial sensors, magnetometers, tilt sensors, their signal and data processing and GNSS data handling and application. He also works on the development of algorithms and data fusion using Kalman filtering approach.


M. Hromčík Assoc. prof. Martin HROMČÍK, Ph.D. graduated in cybernetics and measurements in 1999 and received the Ph.D. degree in control engineering and robotics in 2005, both from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE), Czech Technical University (CTU), Prague. Since 2000, he has been with the Department of Control Engineering, FEE-CTU, and since 2015 also with the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC-CTU). He became an Associate Professor of Control Engineering at FEE-CTU in 2013. His research interests cover flight control systems, flexible systems and controls and robust control. Dr.Hromcik has been a member of the IFAC Technical Committee for Aerospace since 2012, and of the Technical Committee for Control Design since 2005.


M. Rollo Dr. Milan ROLLO works as a senior researcher in the Artificial Intelligence Center at the Department of Computer Science, FEE, CTU. He received an MSc degree in Technical Cybernetics (2002) and PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence and Biocybernetics (2009). His main research interests are distributed agent-based systems, especially team action planning, communication management and resource allocation. In recent years he was participating on numerous research projects funded by industry partners, national research programs, EU and US defense agencies. At present he is active in a field of collective robotics, with focus on deployment of free-flight concept approaches on autonomous UAVs (funded by Czech MoD and US AFRL in cooperation with NUAIR FAA UAS Test Site in Rome, NY). He was a visiting researcher with Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC), Pensacola, USA. He is an author or coauthor of more than 30 scientific papers and member of program and organizing committees of several international conferences. He is a member of NATO NIAG SG-205 Sense and Avoid Feasibility and Certification for UAS Flight in Non-Segregated Airspace.