NavLIS group

NavLIS research fields

  • Design and development of indoor and outdoor navigation systems.
  • Design and development of pressure based measurement systems.
  • Design and development of modular avionic systems.
  • Signal of Opportunity applied in navigation systems.
  • Long-distance communication systems.
  • AI in navigation systems.

NavLIS facilities

  • Indoor flight arena
    • dedicated for hands-on courses of UAS design, development and building, drone pilot trainings
    • dedicated for R&D of UASs, their technologies and applications 
    • equipped soon by camera based tracking system for full UAV motion testing
    • equipped by fixed and rotary wing UAVs - Pilatus PC-6, Bellanca XXL, DJI Phantom 4, DJI 550, etc.
  • 1x instrumentation laboratory
    • dedicated for avionics and embedded measurement system design and development
    • equipped by a pressure system with PACE6000, temperature & humidity chamber, vibration table, electronic instrumentation for basic electrical quantities measurements, sensors for nonelectric quantities measurement

Current activities

Fixed-wing UAV applications for VLoS & BVLoS operations

Experiments with „home-made“ navigation systems

Embedded electronics for special use

We further pay attention to:

  • Long-distance communication for video and telemetry exchange - suited for BVLoS operation
  • Indoor UAS navigation
  • Robust navigation systems with increased accuracy - operating even in GNSS unreliable environment

Currently offered PhD topics

supervised by Jan ROHÁČ, PhD.

  • Smart navigation in smart cities
  • Navigation in GNSS denied environment
  • Navigation systems of terrestrial vehicles
  • Camera based tracking and navigation system
  • Navigation in emergency, security, and humanitarian services
  • Signal-of-opportunity based navigation of autonomous vehicles operated in dense urban areas

More details about doctoral degree studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering can be found on

Topics are offered under the Aeronautical and Space Engineering PhD degree programme.


Assoc. prof. Jan ROHÁČ, PhD. - Dept. of Measurement, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU in Prague

Address: Technicka 2, 166 27 Prague, Czech Republic, room No. T2: B3-455

Phone: (+420) 22435 3963, email: